Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.
Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.
In his powerful keynote speeches and interactive workshops, Joe Flower – an internationally recognized healthcare futurist and healthcare speaker – shares his unique grasp of the forces transforming healthcare, such as the aging of the Baby Boom, radically new pharmaceuticals and therapies, digitization and automation, extreme cost pressures, and shifts in payment structures. Perhaps greater than any of these, the rising power of the consumer and the new transparency combine to bring us to something completely new: a health care world in which customers (patients, families, referring physicians, health plans, employers, governments) can finally ask the classic value questions: How good is this? What does this really cost? We will look back on this as one of the great hinge points in the history of healthcare. The response is a movement arising all across healthcare, overturning everything we thought of as normal. In this turbulent and confusing environment, these talks and workshops help your organization reshape itself to be more nimble, knowledgeable, and change-competent. In Flower’s talks and interactive workshops, you will discover:
  • The deep forces driving change in healthcare in this decade
  • How these forces affect your segment of healthcare and your market
  • The risks and opportunities these forces bring your organization
  • What your organization must know – and do – to survive and thrive in this environment
  • How to deal with the emotional obstacles to change within your organization
  • How to track leading indicators of change
  • How to implement real change strategies for your organization

The Importance of Digitization in Health Care:

Why You Can’t Shop For Health Care:

Topics –

What Would be the Right Talk for Your Audience or Event?

Joe Flower customizes his talk to the client’s needs and audience.  To get a sense of what would work for your organization, take a look at these current healthcare keynote topic ideas.


We do webinars before a keynote, after a keynote, or as a stand-alone service. Webinars can help your team think through your organization goals, may help your committee think through their event goals, be a good debriefing and working-through for after the event, or allow your team to stand back in a one-off or on an intermittent basis to brainstorm or stay on track with your implementation goals, and to sort through the inevitable complications that arise at each stage. Webinars also allow teams from several organizations to use Joe to consider partnerships and share resources, drawing on the many industry examples which Joe can supply. To discuss these possibilities and hear how other organizations have used these services, call 707-324-3194, or email Joe.