To Clients Seeking a Speaker:

You need a speaker for a meeting, a board retreat, a convention. You want someone who can help your people make sense of the future of healthcare: Where it’s going, why, what’s pushing it, what’s going to work in this radically different future, what they need to do to make it work.

You want insight. You want clarity. You want it delivered with ease and humor and drama.

Talk to Joe.

He will be happy to talk to you about your challenges in meeting this new healthcare. Understanding your situation, your challenges is one of the ways that he learns about this vast, complex system.

Be prepared to talk with him about your audience, and the purpose of your meeting and he will help you think through how to use him best and how to shape your agenda to make it more lively, powerful, and useful for your people.


When you want to book now or determine availability for a date, you can call one of the many agents we deal with or you can work directly with us.

Whatever stage you’re at in your process, if you’re considering our help, call Joe at  707 324 3194 or email him.