Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.
Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.

Global Healthcare Keynotes

Healthcare is changing globally, as countries around the world grapple with rising healthcare costs, and with radical changes in the political landscape as they try to meet the needs of growing and shifting populations.

Joe Flower works internationally in two capacities:

  • with governments and health systems ready to take on change at the systemic level;
  • and with global companies looking for an international perspective on the rapidly changing markets for healthcare, health tech, devices, and pharmaceuticals.

What’s going on in the U.S. has been of great interest because of the size of the U.S. market and because it is a large system moving quickly and urgently to transform itself. The multiplicity of experiments, both in America and abroad, have huge ramifications for the international healthcare market and are compelling and illustrative models of change.

Most recently, Joe Flower’s international work has taken him to

  • Mexico,
  • Canada,
  • the UK,
  • Ireland,
  • Israel,
  • the UAE, and
  • South Korea.

He has worked with the government of Norway, and keynoted global healthcare supply conferences in Amsterdam, international pharma conferences in Puerto Rico, Spain, and Germany, as well as global supply and marketing conferences in the United States for FedEx, Bristol Myers Squibb, the Healthcare Industry Distributors Association, and the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Research Association, among many others.

His research and writing on change and on China have taken him deep into what is driving emerging markets in Asia and beyond, including the multilateral, complex interactions between the rebuilding of healthcare in China, for instance, and the re-emerging economies of sub-Saharan Africa and the Southern Cone of the Americas.

Critical to change is asking the questions appropriate to your culture and economy. To learn more about Flower’s approach to your situation, call 707-324-3194, or email him.