Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.
Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.

How Are You Feeling About That Expensive Healthcare Decision You’re About to Make?

Joe Flower can help you think through the issues in a way that brings light, clarity, and a new energy to get you and your teams where you need to go.

The good news about the convulsive change in healthcare is that now it’s a laboratory of industry experimentation, with new business models cropping up like weeds. The world is watching us, and I’ve been traveling and speaking internationally; other countries are learning from us, and I from them. Why are they so interested?

Because some of those new business models are weeds. They’re throwback ideas based on old concepts of what is possible and profitable. They’ll flourish for a while in the short-term, but they won’t survive over time. We need to learn from each others’ mistakes.

In an effort to get something new into place, and despite a courage I greatly admire, many early movers have fallen short. That harsh mistress, Trial and Error, is tough on businesses. Sometimes they just haven’t thought it through, but they’ve also lacked good examples and plain old experience.

We have learned a lot in the past few years while everyone else was screaming about Obamacare. The big picture is emerging, but many of those early movers didn’t have the benefit of seeing it.

There are some core principles that the successful change-makers are using. The ones who are figuring it out, the healthcare revolutionaries, are pulling those business weeds up by their roots and replacing them with the germline of a completely new system, new ways of doing business, providing better care all around for much, much less.

Time is of the essence, and many, possibly you, are having to make $100M, $500M, or multi-billion dollar decisions without the benefit of some very important lessons. I can help you.

Maybe You’re a Healthcare Revolutionary, You Just Didn’t Know it

You may be doubling down on the old methods because you’re not sure how to make the switch, you’re just not ready to do it yet, or you’re figuring that in a few years you’re outta here. If you’re throwing in the towel, then talking with me may just spoil your lunch.

But if you’re not quite ready but working up to some expensive transformative decisions, or you’re not quite sure how this will play out for your personally, you may want to talk with me about what’s in front of you.

I consult to organizations that have included the U.S. Department of Defense, Airbus, and ArianeSpace, a number of governments in China, and with big and small organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, helping clients to identify market opportunities and undertake the transformation they find necessary for doing business in this historic moment of national and global change in the healthcare industry. And I talk with executives who are at turning points in their careers.

The big picture is coming in clearer now for how to get from where you are to the new model without making huge expensive mistakes. What I can offer you now is a framework for action that I have developed through conversations with literally thousands about what they’re doing, how they’ve succeeded, and how they’ve failed. It’s also based on my extensive study over the last 30 years of change management and leadership derived from 60+ extensive interviews with leading lights on these subjects including Peter Drucker to Peter Senge and Ari de Geus.

Change on this scale is not for the faint of heart. Why leave some of the bigger stones unturned? Call me at 707-324-3194 to see how I can help you.

The tipping point in the shift from Volume to Value may already have happened. There’s no time to waste.

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All the best,
Joe Flower