Contact us to discuss Joe Flower’s current fees. They vary depending on subject, audience, client, and location.

Note: We happily work with a number of agencies. All agents discuss all fees with us directly. Shopping around different agent’s sites for the one that quotes the lowest fee or fee range will not result in a lower fee. A lower quoted figure typically just means that the agent’s website is not up to date. Either talk to us directly or talk to the agent whom you are most comfortable working with. We do not compete with our agents on price.

If you are a not-for-profit hospital, or an association whose revenues are directly dependent upon hospital education and travel budgets, and are in a period of financial distress (layoffs, program cutbacks), call to discuss.

Call to discuss special pricing for:

  • Full-day, two-day, or longer sessions (such as board retreats)
  • Multiple-speech packages
  • Local engagements in the San Francisco Bay Area