Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.
Joe Flower has retired. Books are still available at links provided.

What Our Clients Have Been Saying

“A very powerful presentation…
A very dynamic speaker with a great deal of information.
Certainly had the audience engaged.
This is really the pathway to the future of medicine”
— attendees, Community Medical Centers, Fresno, California

“Awesome presentation…
We rarely get this kind of perspective”
— GE Healthcare VP

“Outstanding job … thought-provoking”

  • One of the most rewarding things for a planner of any event is to hear that the speaker you have chosen was absolutely fascinating. Thank you for making that morning so special!
    - Peggy Westby, CMP
    Director, Educational Services
    Minnesota Hospital Association
  • I've had Joe speak 3 times for our leadership group of 275 for ... nine hospitals and his reviews are always excellent. If you're looking for someone who will stimulate, challenge, inspire ... Joe Flower would be the speaker I'd choose.
    - Jerry Lewis, Leadership Development, Banner Health-Colorado Region
  • - CEOs, Revolutionizing Healthcare Governance
  • Excellent presentation, well delivered ... Fascinating! ... Wow! How interesting ... Wow! ... Excellent graphics!!! ... Very thoroughly presented ... Very thought provoking ... What an eye opener! ... Very challenging presentation ... Fantastic presentation ...
    - Trustees, Revolutionizing Healthcare Governance
  • I found your presentation to be truly motivating, with a keen sense of how leaders and organizations need to stay focused on factors that will affect their future outcomes in an ever-changing world.
    - Todd McQueston, Intelligent Profit, Malvern, PA
  • It was brilliant. . . . It was good to have a world-class speaker like yourself to get us thinking.
    - Jane Freeman, Director of Planning, Morton Hospital and Medical Center MA
  • What a great talk. We were so impressed. Your approach was perfect and your grasp of medicine was breathtaking.
    - John Sinnott, M.D., Director, Division of Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine, Tampa General Hospital FL
  • Bring him back, give a daylong program ... Find more of him. Excellent ... Needs to come back ... Very forward thinking. A great vision for us to try to realize, Thank you. ... Great Stuff. We really do need new eyes ... Great thinker. Compelling speaker ... Very good and needed subject. Excellent examples ... Great presentation challenging essential wake-up call, thank you ... Excellent speaker with an excellent message ... Examples and the range of examples, very helpful ... This presentation was very thought provoking, a very interesting presentation ... This session was excellent ... Thank you. Mind expanding ... Very well informed, very interesting ... Very well presented; good information ... Mr. Flower seems like the kind of guy one would want to join at Starbucks ... Excellent topic. Excellent presentation. Very timely, thank you for bringing this speaker!
    - Participants, Mississippi Hospital Association Leadership Forum
  • Fascinating ... Wow! ... Fantastic presentation ... Very thought-provoking ... What an eye-opener! ... Very challenging presentation.
    - Attendees, QHR Governance Conference
  • I was dazzled by your insightful presentation. It must be very interesting living with such a fecund intellect.
    - John Hilgenberg, President, The Eager Street Group, Baltimore, MD

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