What Our Clients Have Been Saying

  • You were fabulous!
    - Michelle Mahon, CFO, Frederick Memorial Healthcare System, Maryland
  • Great talk - and the best use of PowerPoint I have ever seen!
    - Peter Debiasi, Executive Director, Access Community Action Agency, CT
  • People are still talking about your talk! Thank you for making us all think and question
    - Lori Trimmer, Harvard Jolly Clees Toppe Architects, Tampa FL
  • He inspired us and stirred our passion to act.
    - Stephanie Boles, Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center CA
  • Awesome speaker!
    - Patti Barnes, Sutter Davis Hospital CA
  • A do not miss speaker!
    - Judy Neff, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center CA
  • One of the best speakers I have ever heard!
    - Diane Smith, Sutter North Medical Center

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